It’s important to protect your trailer boat not just at home but when the trailer is attached to your car while you are at sea. It is no fun finding out you now have a car and boat and no way to connect them!

A wheel clamp or coupling lock deployed whilst your boat and trailer or just trailer are unattended are the best options. Some people do both. We like those people.

Here are some examples below. A random padlock and chain are not in our eyes “recognised security devices”. Simply speaking anything sold as a “trailer security device” is likely to be ok.

Here’s a tip, keep the receipt or take a photo of the device installed just so you can prove that you had one. Sometimes the thieves do take the smashed locks too, leaving the owner thinking how he/she will show he was taking care.

Here are some examples of types of devices you can use.

  • Coupling Lock

    Coupling Lock

    Generally hardened steel pin with a sleeve. Easy to stock and quick to deploy. Can be deployed when trailer attached to car or not.

  • Cable lock

    Cable lock

    Cable locks are great for locking boats to trailer and the whole lot to a stout tree. Or a post, or if you are feeling industrious how about concreting a strong point into the ground?

  • Wheel clamp

    Wheel clamp
  • Wheel clamp (over hub)

    Wheel clamp (over hub)

    This type has a cover over the locking nuts, impeding removal of the wheel. A touch longer to install and very visable.