Lost at Sea: Tackling the troubling trend of boat thefts in NZ

September 2023

According to provisional police data, thieves are stealing a boat a day across NZ. Many of these boats are never recovered, and when they are, it is normally only by chance.

"30-40% of recovered boats are found simply as 'a byproduct of other investigations'” Aaron Mortimer, Director of Mariner Insurance, highlighted recently in the Waikato Times.

"Could be some gang house, something stolen in Auckland found under a tree in Northland.” Based on what Mariner sees through claims, Aaron believes there has been an uptick in boat thefts recently. 

“It goes in phases, sometimes there are spates, depending on if gangs are involved. It’s hard to put a figure in terms of how many get stolen.” 

In light of this, some boat owners are turning to technology to keep tabs on their valuable water-borne assets. Using a GPS-enabled tracker device, owners are automatically alerted of the boat's exact location, giving additional peace of mind and ensuring it can be found if it does go astray. 

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These ultra-robust GPS trackers connect through the hull of most boats and jet skis, offering 4G connectivity using a SIM card that roams between Spark and One networks in NZ. 
The Oyster3 units are battery-powered using long-life user-replaceable batteries that are expected to last up to 10 years. They allow users to set up alerts and warnings to know straight away if there changes to a boat's location. 

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