Barcelona Sets Sail with Historic First Women’s America’s Cup Event

March 2024

Barcelona is set to host a groundbreaking America’s Cup event this year, featuring for the first time a standalone women’s event, alongside the traditional men's competition and a revived youth event. Team New Zealand's female squad, including standout sailor Liv Mackay, is preparing for the competition, highlighting the expansion of the Cup's inclusivity. The women's event and the youth competition promise to enrich the two-month sailing extravaganza in Barcelona's harbours, beginning a new chapter in the Cup's 173-year history.

The introduction of these events reflects a broader trend towards recognizing and celebrating women's achievements in sports, with the women's teams utilizing advanced simulators for training, similar to those used by their male counterparts. This training is crucial for mastering the AC40 foiling monohulls, designed for high-speed and efficient manoeuvrability. With 12 teams from across the globe set to compete in each of the new categories, the upcoming America’s Cup in Barcelona is poised to be a landmark event, showcasing the best in sailing talent and innovation.

Find out more details on the America's cup website here.